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Mike Booth

mike booth

Mike Booth- Director of Sales and Marketing

A newer addition to Sprinter, Mike has been a driving force for building Sprinter’s sales and marketing teams. Starting in May of 2022, Mike has moved from a Business Development Manager to now being the Director of Sales and Marketing. His primary role is managing the growing sales team, overseeing the production of marketing material and content, and progressing business development through lead generation and forecasting for the future. He certainly has the experience for such responsibility so quickly. Mike owned his own tech company from 1995-2008, which could handle selling and installing everything from Satellite Systems, Satellite Internet, Car Stereo Systems and even the first Dial-Up internet service. He understands working for businesses of any size with growing his own company from 1 to 100 people and being part of larger corporations like Spectrum as the Sr. Business Account Executive. Being so involved in the technology world of Northern Wisconsin, Mike had come to know owner Chris Tiffany several years before starting at Sprinter. He knew that when Chris was looking to build a sales time for Sprinter, it was the right place and time for him to get involved.

Mike’s time isn’t all managed IT services and sales. He has a real passion and talent for woodworking, making the best Farmhouse Style Furniture around #barnflagusa! Family life is important to him as he has been married to his high school sweetheart for 31 years and blessed with 3 sons, 2 daughters-in-law, 3 grandkids and 2 grandpuppies. When he can get some time to himself, he does well on the golf course and also enjoys driving ATV off road, never tipping one over of course.

Mike has seen Sprinter grow over the years and being at the helm of a thriving ship is a role he is thrilled to be part of. He knows Sprinter will continue building into THE BEST technology company possible.