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Isaiah Stewart

isaiah stewart

Isaiah Stewart – Executive Vice President

Isaiah is Sprinter’s most tenured employee and a valued leader. He is serving now as the Executive Vice President of our B2B division.

Technology has been of interest to him since the age of 12 when he started building computers from spare parts. He brought those technical skills into a job as a member of the Geek Squad repair team. In May of 2013, after having met Chris during his time at UW Marathon’s computer science program, Isaiah began his journey at Sprinter as a Retail Manager at one of the storefronts in Wausau. He stepped up when an Operations Manager was needed for all of Sprinter’s retail spaces, and again as Director of Managed Services when the B2B division was first created. Working more on the Managed Service Provider side of Sprinter has given Isaiah exposure to a wide range of technologies with varying degrees of complexity, while allowing him to keep a strong focus on the customer experience.

Currently, Isaiah’s role has him directing the success and growth of Sprinter. He strives to create an environment for success for our 50+ employees. He helps set the vision and mission of Sprinter and ensures it is present in the work we do in the field and through remote support. Isaiah’s tenure is most notable in his support of Sprinter’s other Directors, helping them grow as professionals by guiding them through the implementation and practice of our company goals. Isaiah would say all of this work is done to make sure as Sprinter grows, it will continue to become a better company, first and foremost for its employees so that they are best positioned to provide world-class experiences for clients.

When Isaiah is outside of Sprinter, he manages his time by kayaking around one of the many Wisconsin rivers or lakes or you may find him doing his best at fishing in the plentiful waters. Even though born and raised a Wisconsinite, he does have a dream to someday visit Australia. Perhaps the outback sounds more appealing than Wisconsin’s cold winters.

Isaiah is undoubtedly the first building block that has allowed Sprinter to grow to its current height in the business technology world and will certainly be the tower crane that guides it even higher.