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Will Bray

will bray

Will Bray- Technology Alignment Manager

Will has been with Sprinter since the beginning of 2022 and has made tremendous strides in his roles and responsibilities. He began as help desk support and also completed work that required an onsite technician. Within months of his employment, Will was given a promotion to Technical Alignment Manager (TAM).

Will’s role is one of our local client’s dedicated resources. He works closely with the VCIO to take the decisions made in technology reviews and put them into action. Achieving technical alignment means optimizing hardware, budgeting for technology goals, and monitoring systems to ensure they continue running. Will makes sure our managed clients achieve business continuity, which means their systems are up both day to day and during mission critical moments. Will achieves this by completing onsite installations, maintenance, and repairs to software and hardware. He also has a specialty with our VOIP phone systems and is able to complete site surveys, installations, maintenance and user training.

A passion for IT has been present since he built his first computer with his mom in the early 2000s. When Will was trying to find opportunities outside of the restaurant industry, our Director of MSP Operations reached out to give him the chance to turn a technology hobby into a career. Now with Will doing so great in working with IT, he can expand other hobbies. He is a skilled bass player and has played in almost every major city on the east coast. If he isn’t jamming out, he might be working on a Twitch stream or playing with his three children.