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Ian Reese


Ian Reese- Director of Warehouse and Logistics

August of 2013 started Ian’s journey with Sprinter. He has taken each opportunity to grow and improve during the development of the business. He started as a Customer Service Representative at one of the early retail stores and eventually became Director of Retail. After the 2020 purchase of our brick-and-mortar office and warehouse in the Wausau area, there was a great need for a position with a focus on purchasing material, warehouse management, and fleet management and safety. Ian was a perfect fit for these responsibilities and stepped up into his current role as Director of Logistics.

The work Ian and his team do is what we refer to as “The Team Behind the Team.” They are the ones making sure our data cabling team in the field has the tools and equipment needed to provide the best possible experience for our clients. They also make sure our entire fleet of vehicles, from a tiny Kia Rio to a Freightliner M.2., are safe, effective, and compliant. Ian leads his department because he believes in our great services and products. He knows if he gets our team there safe and prepared, that our service will be unforgettable.