Cell Phone Repair Starting at $59

Why choose Sprinter to repair your mobile device?

We have successfully completed thousands of mobile device repairs—cell phones, tablets, and much more. We employ some the area’s most experienced techs.

We stock thousands of parts so we can offer the fastest repair times in the industry. Don’t live without your mobile device for longer than you need to!

An insurance claim won’t save the data from your broken phone. At Sprinter, we can recover all of your priceless pictures and important documents.

We have an industry-leading lifetime warranty on all our screens! We stand behind our screens against defects for a lifetime. Don’t settle for a 30-day warranty or a “good luck finding me” provider. Trust the experts in mobile device repair at Sprinter!

Our techs are trained and certified on the newest phones, tablets, and computers. Did you know even our newest techs have at least 2 years of experience? Not something you’ll find at the newest pop-up shop. Electronics are what we do!

Sprinter offers the fastest turnarounds! Most devices are repaired the same day, with expert technicians on our benches we get your device returned safely to you in no time. Don’t send your device in somewhere, hoping to get it back when you need it. Ninety percent of our repairs take under an hour!

At Sprinter, we use the best quality parts available to ensure your device works just as well after the repair as it did before it was broken. Don’t settle for the lowest quality parts available at other stores—come to Sprinter and experience the best.

Here at Sprinter, we understand cost is a huge driving point, so we’ll always try to give you the best price possible while still maintaining quality and our leading lifetime warranty.

Popular Cell Phone Repairs

  • 1. Broken Screens

    Including bad digitizers, shattered glass, and cracked LCDs. Symptoms may include the device seemingly on but no picture, touching something and it doesn’t respond, or obvious physical damage.

  • 2. Power Issues

    Symptoms may include the device not charging, charging intermittently, battery issues, button failure, physical port damage, and more. 

  • 3. Button Failure

    The power button, volume buttons, camera button, menu, back, and select buttons can all fail, and are usually always fixable.

  • 4. Camera Replacement

    Front and rear cameras can fail or break. Almost all of them are replaceable, as well as the lenses.

  • 5. Software Problems

    Many issues can be caused by software, firmware, or app issues. Symptoms may include crashing, not booting, apps crashing, intermittent issues, locked out of the device, and more.

  • 6. Sensors Malfuctioning

    Today’s phones have many sensors. If one fails, it can cause plenty of issues such as the screen staying on during calls, double tap not working, motion sensor issues, and many more.

  • 7. Antenna Issues

    From dropped calls and low signal, to Wi-Fi or GPS issues. A broken or failing antenna will cause plenty of issues. Most can be replaced.

We service all brands and models of smartphones!

Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, Asus, Alcatel, Blu, Blackberry, Casio, Dell, Google Nexus, HTC, HP, Huawei, Kindle, Kyocera, LG, Lenovo, Motorola, Microsoft, Nokia, Nook, Samsung, Sharp, Sony Ericsson, ZTE and more…

Cell Phone Repair Locations:

Stevens Point   |   Wausau