• Experience

    We’ve been in both the computer and cell phone industry for over 6 years, and have combined dozens of years of experience as well as constant education to stay up to date on the latest repair techniques, cellular providers, and technologies.

  • Quality

    At Sprinter, quality is our number one priority. We use the best-trained techs, the highest quality parts, and offer industry-leading warranties—all to be sure that you get the best experience every time you go to one of our stores.

  • Local

    We are local, with the owner and management involved in training and daily operations, we’re not some big chain or out of state company. We love Wisconsin and we love YOU.

  • Convenient

    Sprinter has two convenient locations in Stevens Point and Wausau to serve all of your computer and mobile device repair needs.

  • Budget Friendly

    At Sprinter, our philosophy is to charge what we would pay. We seek to do the best quality work, using the best parts, at affordable rates.